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Nominating Essay for Paul Heinemann, Rocky Hill Middle School, Montgomery County

Written by Daniela Hernandez-Fujigaki, grade 9

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Mr. Heinemann is a great teacher, but most importantly, he is a great person. He treats all his students with respect and never gives up on them. I used to hate singing in chorus class, and I would refuse to sing, but he didn't give up on me and he gave me a chance. Now, I have developed a passion for music, and it's all because he took the time to really help me out and get to know me. He has a witty sense of humor and no matter how terrible your day is he will always put a smile on your face. He is the kind of person that goes the extra mile to make sure you're happy to be in his choir. Mr. Heinemann is everyone's best friend. He somehow manages to handle 4 choirs, 1 boys' basketball team, direct the Montgomery County Honors Chorus, and a pop choir after school. Still, he manages to be very organized and upbeat. Mr. Heinemann is somebody really special. I'm very glad that I got the opportunity to be in his chorus class all three years of middle school. Rocky Hill Middle School is very fortunate to have a teacher like him.