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Nominating Essay for Douglas Kump, Montrose Christian School, Montgomery County

Written by Giang Tran, grade 12

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First of all, I love the way he teaches, more discussion, more details and very clearly!

He has tried to learn my language. He usually says "Xin chao" in the beginning of class. Sometimes, he spells it wrong. I've tried to correct him, but his spelling just makes me laugh. "I'm done, Giang!" I heard it every day. However, he also says "Xin chao" every time he sees me in class. Is he really done?

Importantly, his tests and quizzes are not hard. It's a little hard to add a plus sign into an A, but it's easy to have an A without the plus sign. It is great! I can't come to class with the whole attention, work hard and then have a test that weights me down!

He usually talks about hot evens in the beginning and the rest of the class. He talks about all kind of things. He likes a newspaper.

Moreover, he's also a good counselor even though that's not his job. I'm impressed and excited during the time we discuss and talk.

He's a kind teacher. His willingness to help students is Unlimited. He's so Merciful and Peaceful. That's exactly my favorite teacher: Mr. KUMP