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Nominating Essay for MollyBeth Rushfield, Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, Montgomery County

Written by Charlotte Wenk, grade 3

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Mrs. Rushfield is the best teacher! She gives us morning exercises like crossword puzzles or short stories to get our brains working. She reads to us every day and she will even read the book twice to make sure that we understand everything. She is really cool and funny. She makes sure to recognize when we do a good job and lets us put our favorite work up on a "WOW board." She is always enthusiastic and her enthusiasm makes subjects that should be boring, fun and interesting (like pictographs). She explains what we need to do step by step. When we are having a rough morning she shows us funny pictures to make us laugh. Then we feel better and get back to work. If we are stuck on a problem, she lets a classmate help us solve the problem. This gives us extra help and our classmates learn by teaching. She uses interesting activities to teach us. Mrs. Rushfield even has emergency apples in case we are hungry and have already eaten our lunch.