PTA president resigns from Mitchellville middle school position

Thursday, Dec. 15, 2005

After a special Parent Teacher Association election on Nov. 22, Ernest Everett Just Middle School had a fully functioning executive board. But at the executive board meeting six days later, president Wesley Jarmon announced his resignation.

Jarmon, who was entering his second year as PTA president said in his resignation letter “...because I believe that full support is vital for any organization to become marginally successful, I am resigning as the President of this local chapter — to be effective immediately.“

Jarmon said that he resigned because he felt there was a lack of support from the school administration and the parent body. Both the PTA and school staff deny this claim.

During his tenure as PTA president Jarmon believes that his greatest accomplishment was bringing organization to the PTA.

“I brought structure to the PTA that it never had before,“ he said. “For the first two years that the school was open, the PTA was dysfunctional with poorly attended meetings and no minutes taken.“

One of Jarmon’s main goals as president was to raise the Maryland State Assessment scores for the middle school.

“I wanted [Ernest Everett Just] to be a model school for other schools to look at,“ he said. “Right now it is not the shining example of academic excellence that it could be.“

In an effort to get the parents involved in the academic future of their children, Jarmon circulated tips on how parents should communicate with their child’s teacher and what they can do at home to prepare their child for the state tests.

“I had guest speakers come to the PTA meetings and I gave out a lot of information to the parents that showed up and created an e-mail list for those that didn’t,“ Jarmon said. “It was basic information but I think it was helpful for parents to hear it. We tried to give kids a sense of pride and help kids to understand that they should have a hunger for education.“

David Person, who was nominated as the new president at Tuesday night’s PTA meeting, was elected the vice-president at the special election last month.

“A lot of the people on the executive board are former PTA presidents and former PTA executive board members from other feeder schools,“ Person said. “I am working with some tremendous talent and I am thrilled to serve as their leader.“

As the new president, Person said that he wants to continue to support the programs in the school that focus on tips and techniques for standardized tests. He also wants to encourage more parents to help patrol the school and increase the mentoring program that is in place.

“I think that it has a positive effect on students when they see their parents in the halls,“ he said.

One new initiative he is working on is building a trophy showcase for the school’s athletics.

“Last year the boys’ and girls’ basketball team won the county middle school championships and both teams were undefeated,“ Person said. “We want a showcase in the gym that will have a hall of fame wall for the student athletes and the trophies that the school earns.“

Person’s presidential term lasts a year and he said “we have our work cut out for us.“ And though Jarmon is no longer the president, he plans to continue having an active role within the PTA.

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