Largo Civic Association looks for new members

Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2006

The Largo Civic Association is embarking on a membership drive to become more visible in the community with a plan to establish a neighborhood representative for each of the 24 subdivisions that fall under the association.

In the past, the primary source of communication for the community was a newsletter. With revenue from the newsletter, the association managed to host parties for the Fourth of July, Halloween, Easter and Christmas. A membership table was held at each event, in addition to a door-to-door campaign to garner more members.

‘‘They were successful at the time. We were a much smaller community then,” said association president Chuck Renninger. ‘‘We dropped a lot of the activities when we [eliminated] the newsletter 10 years ago.”

The newsletter was discontinued due to lack of funds. Though advertisements were placed in the newsletter, Renninger said the advertisers failed to pay the appropriate fees.

‘‘It got too expensive to put out and we could no longer afford it,” he said. ‘‘The newsletter was a big source of revenue for us to do the other events but we were putting out more than we were bringing in.”

Renninger believes the newsletter was a good way to bring in new members. Though there has been little talk of restarting the publication, the association did start a web page last year to bring information to the residents.

Renninger, along with association secretary Tonetta Spencer and association webmaster Nichelle Jones, are currently brainstorming different ways to get more residents involved with the association.

At the monthly association meetings, the third Wednesday of the month, attendance ranges from eight to 20.

One of the ideas proposed is to establish a neighborhood representative for the homeowners associations that fall under the association. The representatives would be responsible for reporting their neighborhood’s concerns at the monthly association meetings.

‘‘The association monitors what’s going on in the community as far as development. We have a member on the Citizen’s Advisory Council [for the District 2 policing area] who looks out for crime and police relationship issues,” Renninger said.

‘‘We also have an educational group that works to improve the schools in the area. We work to maintain and improve the character of the community. The more active people we have the more we can get involved with.”

Membership for the Largo Civic Association is $15 annually per household and checks can be made to Largo Civic Association P.O. Box 6279 Largo, MD 20792-6279. To download a membership application visit

The next Largo Civic Association meeting will be held on Dec. 20 at Phyllis E. Williams Elementary School located at 9601 Prince Place in Largo.

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