Rockville does right by installing Bankshot basketball

Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2006

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Ira Berger, M.D., Rockville

I’d like to commend the Rockville city fathers, particularly the park and recreation staff, for their plans to install Bankshot basketball — the recreational system that offers such unique inclusion — in the Mattie Stepanek Park in King Farm.

My 10-year-old son, Steven, and his friends have been enthusiastic about Bankshot players for years at the Rockville Swim Center. I attended the Bankshot tournament with my family and had a lot of fun and there was a wonderful diversity of participants.

My son Steven was awarded the Bankshot sportsmanship trophy and all the participants received T-shirts. The event was a wonderful day for the family.

For anyone who has not yet had an opportunity to play Bankshot with his or her family, I recommend that you do at the Rockville Swim Center or hopefully soon, at the Mattie Stepanek Park at King Farm. I hope in the future years other various community parks will include other Bankshot sports such as Bankshot soccer and Bankshot tennis.

It’s good to see non-aggressive sports receiving a small nod from the recreation authorities and I wish there were more of the same.