Man faces sentencing for assaults, burglary

Thursday, Oct. 6, 2005

Chafian Gordon, 21, of Jamaica was found guilty Oct. 4 on three counts of first degree assaults and one count of first degree burglary of Tasha Blair, 16, Howard Blair, 17 and Sadekie Nelson, 18, of Hyattsville.

Circuit Court Judge Ronald Schiff received the guilty verdict from the Prince George’s County Jury.

A release from State’s Attorney Glenn Ivey announced the verdict stems for an incident on March 28.

Tasha Blair was alone in her home when she heard someone enter the home and was confronted by two armed black males who demanded money and threatened her with weapons.

Howard Blair entered the home and was also confronted by the armed men. As a third assailant entered the home, Howard Blair directed the men to another home in the neighborhood as he was forced into a car.

Gordon remained with Tasha Blair until Nelson came home. Gordon confronted Nelson at gunpoint but Nelson was able to escape and call 911. Howard Blair also was able to escape and call 911.

A member of the Hyattsville Police Department responded to the call and saw two males leave the house. He was able to apprehend Gordon.

Gordon is set for sentencing on Nov. 17.

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