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District 25, State Delegate, District 25,

Candidate name:Aisha N. Braveboy

Party affiliation: Democrat

Place of residence:Mitchellville

Date of birth: July 29

Place of birth: Washington, D.C.

Occupation: Attorney

Education: Largo High School; B.A. in Government and Politics, University of Maryland at College Park; J.D., Howard University School of Law

Community associations, involvement: Parliamentarian, Prince George’s County Council of PTAs; Founding Board Member, Multicultural Alliance of Prince George’s County; Vice President, Ernest Everett Just Foundation; Member, Sanctuary at Kingdom Square; Member, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

Professional associations: Maryland State Bar Association; Chair, Prince George’s County’s Green Buildings Task Force; Howard University Alumni Association

Family: Parents, Sister and Niece

Campaign office address and telephone:

P.O. Box 3445

Capitol Heights, MD 20791


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What are your top three priorities for the next four years, if elected?

My top three priorities are as follows:

Enact laws and provide funding for programs⁄services that educate our youth, enrich their lives, and provide opportunities for them to become productive and law-abiding citizens. I will focus on reducing crimes committed by young people such as auto-theft that leads to an early police record, that adversely affects our youth’s future opportunities, and that often lead to more serious crimes all of which are detrimental to our families, communities and the lives of Maryland citizens.

Keeping youth in schools by enforcement of truancy laws and fully fund structured in-school suspension programs.While we should not tolerate unruly conduct in schools, our youth should not be suspended from school and placed on the streets unsupervised, exposed, and prey to mischief and destructive influences.

Funding for affordable housing opportunities for seniors, moderate and middle-income families and young professionals who don’t want to spend more than half of their income on mortgages, but rather invest that money into their families, health care and education.

How would you rate the performance of the current representatives of your district: excellent, good, fair or poor? Why?

I believe that the current representatives have been on the right side of most issues, but they should be more visible in the district so that their constituents have more opportunities to influence andparticipate in the legislative process.

Do you support amending the constitution to give the legislature more budget authority?

I believe in a system of checks and balances.No branch should hold too much power.I would not support amending the constitution, but I would find other avenues to ensure that the State of Maryland effectively addresses the concerns and priorities of its citizens and residents.

Is the rate of growth in Maryland too fast, too slow or about right, and why?

As one of the wealthiest states in this nation, it is not surprising that Maryland is growing rapidly.I believe that Maryland should continue to grow, but must invest dollars in transportation, education and public safety to manage our growth.Prince George’s County can serve as a model with projects such as the National Harbor and upscale retailers such as Wegman.

What programs would you like to add or cut from the state budget? How would you pay for additional programs? What would you do with the money from any cuts you make?

I will support:

Full funding of structured in-school suspension programs.

Funding for homeownership programs, to make housing affordable for working men and women.

Additional funding for the redevelopment of Suitland Manor, and funding for the revitalization of other established communities in my district including District Heights, Forestville, Morningside and Capitol Heights.The funding for such programs and redevelopment can be achieved by re-evaluating and setting priorities that will in the long run yield greater benefits and prosperity to Maryland residents.

What must be done to ensure the long-term success of Prince George’s Hospital Center?

Prince George’s Hospital Center should merge with a premier teaching institution, such as the University of Maryland or Howard University in order to bring world-class research programs and specialties to the hospital center. The State and the County must continue to provide subsidies in order to care for the uninsured and the underinsured.

Is there adequate federal emergency and preparedness support for Prince George’s County given its proximity to the nation’s capital?

No.Andrews Air Force Base is located in my district and could be a potential target for those who want to do harm in this region.We must solicit additional federal funding to upgrade our communications system and purchase additional vehicles and equipment to protect our citizens.

Are there specific taxes or fees that you would cut?

I would cut taxes for low-income workers and retired senior citizens.Residents understand that they must pay taxes, what is in question is whether their tax dollars are working for them.

Do you support slot machines for Maryland? Why or why not?

No.Furthermore, the majority of the residents in my district and in Prince George’s County are opposed to slots.As a representative of the people, I must carry that message to Annapolis.

Do you support giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants?

Anyone who meets the State of Maryland legal requirements for a driver’s license should be allowed to have one.We must ensure that our roads are safe and those who operate vehicles are licensed and properly insured.We must further ensure that the hard working, tax-paying residents of Maryland are fully protected and insured.Accidents involving unlicensed and uninsured motorists are unwise, costly, and deadly.

Do you support in-state tuition to illegal immigrants?

I support in-state tuition for legal immigrants, who pay taxes and live in the State of Maryland.Undocumented workers who are allowed to reside in Maryland should be encouraged to legalize their residency status.

What is the biggest problem facing higher education and what would you do to solve it?

The biggest problem facing higher education is affordability.I believe that the State must find ways of cutting the cost of higher education in the State of Maryland, especially for the residents of this State.

Where would you get more money for the Transportation Trust Fund?

I support a dedicated funding source for the Transportation Trust Fund.I would advocate for a more proactive approach in securing funding from the Federal government.

What specific transportation projects do you see as priorities for the state?

The extension of the Yellow Line across the Wilson Bridge is a key project for my district.Many of my constituents cross the Wilson Bridge in the morning to get to work and would benefit from mass transit.Also, bringing the rail across the bridge would spur job and industry growth in Prince George’s County, which is key for enhancing our tax base.

Should there be a dedicated funding source for Washington and Baltimore mass transit?

Yes.A dedicated funding source is absolutely necessary. This area attracts people from across the globe, and we must invest in our transportation system in order to protect our roadways and our environment.

Would you re-regulate the electricity industry?

Yes.I believe that companies that operate as virtual monopolies must be regulated.We must protect the citizens from excessive utility rates.Competition is the best alternative, but in the absence of competition, there must be regulation.Do you believe Maryland’s gun control laws are too strict, not strict enough or just right?

The Constitution of the United States of America gives the citizens of this country the right to bear arms.However, the State must protect its citizens by providing for the licensing and registration of all lethal weapons.

What is your position on abortion?

I believe in a women’s right to choose. Roe versus Wade is the law of the land, and the ruling in this case must be protected.

Should the Maryland constitution be changed to allow same-sex marriages?

The citizens of the State of Maryland should make this decision.

Does the state need stricter controls to protect the environment?

Yes.In my role as Chairperson ofPrince George’s County’s Green Buildings Task Force, I have been an advocate for programs to protect the environment. Nature is our greatest resource and it must be protected and preserved for future generations.We must protect and clean the Anacostia River, the Chesapeake Bay and ensure that the health of our citizens is not impaired by the ill affects of air polluted and other environmental hazards.