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Prince George’s County Council, Dist. 3

Candidate name: Jim Wildoner

Party affiliation: Republican

Place of residence: New Carrollton

Date of birth: Feb. 28, 1952

Place of birth: Cheverly

Occupation: Financial Services Representative

Education: M.S., American University; B.S., University of Maryland

Community associations, involvement: Northern County Soccer Alliance,Inc - President

Professional associations: Former member of the National Contract Management Assoc.

Family: Married; Two sons

Campaign office address and telephone:

Republican Central Committee HDQ- 301-577-0992

Link to candidate’s website, where one exists: Being constructed

Link to state Board of Elections campaign finance database

What are your top three priorities for the next four years, if elected? When elected my priorities will be Police(Public Safety),Education, & Public Works (Infrastructure etc.).

How would you rate the performance of the current council: excellent, good, fair or poor? Why?

FAIR - Because of the school systems ranking within the state & high crime rate when compared to other local jurisdictions..

Is the rate of growth in District 3 too fast, too slow or just right?

The rate of growth is to fast to accommodate due to the lack of using MUTC.

What programs would you add to the budget and how would you pay for them?

A program that would help teachers to teach to how the children specifically learn instead of to the test. Therefore,they do not do well on the test because the school system does not know how each child learns. Already funded just a refocus. In addition,walk to community schools to eliminate bus transportation cost so that more teachers can be hired.

Do you support having big box stores open along the Route 450 corridor? Why?

Yes,The zoning process encourages this type of development. A possible solution to no big box stores is more MUTC.

Does the council have too much, not enough or the right amount of oversight of the school system?

The answer to this question will depend upon the newly elected school boards performance.

Are there any programs, taxes or fees that should be cut? What would you do with the money from the savings?

When elected to office I would look for unneeded programs to cut and other possible sources of revenue and shift the money to Police & Education.

Do you support day labor centers in Prince George’s County?

Yes, if the day laborers that use the centers prove that they are legal and pay taxes.

What qualifications do you possess that make you a worthy candidate?

13 years of Federal & State Government Contracting experience,18 years in the Financial Services Industry, Current Chairman, New Carrollton City Council and a Council member in my fourth year.

What would you do to ensure the success of the county’s key economic development projects?

Take a serious look at Land Value Tax for the County .

What must be done to ensure the long-term success of Prince George’s Hospital Center?

Tightening the controls on processing individuals without insurance which would mean submitting the proper medicaid paperwork for Federal assistance.

What are the biggest challenges to significantly reducing crime in Prince George’s County?

To significantly reduce crime there needs to be community services and house arrest in place of incarceration.

How would you address the population shift from Washington, D.C., and the problems it poses for Prince George’s County?

With proper use of MUTC then most of the problems would be resolved.

Do you support allowing slots in Prince George’s? If so, where?

Yes, If the local communities had a referendum to accept or reject.

Do you support an east-west metro link and where should it go?

I’m for a connection going from Bethesda to New Carrollton.

Should municipalities have more control over local zoning?