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House of Delegates, District 9B

Name: Susan W. Krebs

Party affiliation: Republican

Place of residence: Eldersburg

Date of birth: Dec. 4, 1959

Place of birth: Baltimore

Current occupation: legislator⁄accountant

Education: Bachelor of science, business administration⁄accounting Towson University, 1981; post-graduate studies, University of Baltimore.

Community associations, involvement: Member, Freedom Area Citizens Council; board of directors, Wesley Freedom Early Years Learning Center; PTSA Board, Liberty High School; ‘‘Not My Kid” Drug Awareness Program; advisory board, historical Society of Carroll County; honorary board of directors, Joanna M. Nicolay Melanoma Foundation; J.O.S.H. Foundation Professional Advisory Board.

Professional associations: Member, Maryland House of Delegates 2002 to present; House Economic Matters Committee; Governor’s Workforce Investment Board; Maryland State Department of Education Parental Advisory Council; Maryland Advisory Commission on Manufacturing Competitiveness; Commission for Accountability and Accessibility in Higher Education; member, Carroll County Board of Education 1998 to 2002; Maryland Association of Boards of Education Legislative Committee; Maryland Department of Education Comprehensive Master Plan Workgroup; Maryland Association of Boards of Education Leadership Academy; Carroll County Public Schools Leadership Team; Carroll County Continuous Improvement Council; School Facilities Planning Commission; honorary lifetime member of the Maryland State PTA.

Family: Husband, Mark. Two daughters, Heather, 21, and Stacey, 19. One son, Brian, 16.

Campaign office address and telephone: 1696 Springmount Drive, Eldersburg, MD 21784. 410-781-6630.

Candidate’s Web site:

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What are your top three priorities for the next four years, if elected?

1. Managing Growth and providing adequate facilities. The State of Maryland and Carroll County are facing huge pressures from growth in suburban areas. It is the responsibility of state and local government to ensure that adequate facilities such as roads, schools, water and other infrastructure are in place to handle the growth in a planned and responsible manner.

I will work together with the state, Carroll County and our municipalities to ensure that we receive our fair share of resources and support from the state.

Improving transportation. I will follow through on projects in the planning stages such as the widening of Md. Route 32, major improvements to Md. Route 26, planning for an additional lane on I-70 between Md. Route 29 and Marriottsville Road, and continued improvements on the Baltimore Beltway. Improving our roads are essential components to attracting business to Carroll County. I will continue to work with the state and the county commissioners to provide safe and adequate roads.

Education. I support adequate funding for our schools including upgrading our aging facilities and providing relief for overcrowded classrooms.

Water. I supported signing the Regional Watershed Agreement and upgrading the Freedom Water Facility to provide additional water supplies. I support re-visiting the possibility of a Gillis Falls Reservoir in collaboration with the State and County for long term relief to our water shortages.

2. Increasing economic development in Carroll County is the key to lessen the tax burden on our citizens. I will continue to aggressively work with the county and the town of Sykesville on the Warfield Complex. We need more high-paying jobs close to home. I co-sponsored legislation to provide a plan for access to broadband statewide. Every household and business needs to have affordable access to the Internet. I have one of the highest ratings in the General Assembly in voting to protect, promote and improve the business climate in Maryland.

3. I have consistently supported fiscal responsibility in state government by living within our means, working to relieve our increasing tax burden, and ensuring efficiency and accountability in government. I’ve supported Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. in reducing the size of state government by more than 7 percent. I’ve worked to stop unfunded mandates on local governments; these mandates are defacto tax increases when the state requires the county or towns to do something. I support adequate funding for schools and requirements for measurable results.

How would you rate the performance of the current representatives of your district: excellent, good, fair or poor? Why?

Excellent. Promises Made-Promises Kept. I have worked rigorously to fulfill the commitments made during the last election. I have worked together with the Ehrlich administration, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners and the Town of Sykesville to bring a record number of new projects to District 9B including major road improvement projects, funds for the Warfield Project, a new senior center, a new long term drug treatment program, school construction projects and recreation and parks projects.

I have been an ardent supporter of Gov. Ehrlich and his policies, particularly reducing the size of state government and bringing fiscal accountability back to Maryland.

Do you support amending the constitution to give the legislature more budget authority?

No. The legislature has continued to take away the authorities of the governor and legislated more and more mandated spending in the budget. This is a recipe for a fiscal disaster when the economy slows down again.

Is the rate of growth in Maryland too fast, too slow or about right, and why?

The rate of growth in Maryland in most geographic areas is too fast. With tens of thousands of new jobs coming from the Base Realignment Closings, the state and local governments have little time to prepare the infrastructure - schools, roads etc. The availability of affordable workforce housing is lacking. I am working with the Ehrlich administration to prepare the state for this challenge.

What programs would you like to add or cut from the state budget? How would you pay for additional programs? What would you do with the money from any cuts you make?

I supported Gov. Ehrlich and his administration in eliminating a number of programs and reducing the size of state government by more than 7 percent. Any money left over after taking care of the structural budget deficit should be used to reduce the tax burden on Marylanders.

I successfully sponsored the Maryland Energy Efficiency and Economic Loan Program which provides low interest loans to selected Maryland business that promote energy conservation, energy efficiency and energy related economic development. Funding comes from the Energy Overcharge Restitution Fund.

I support programs encouraging the use of renewable energy such as Solar Energy Grant Program and the net metering bill.

I support consolidating police forces within state agencies to eliminate redundancies.

I support eliminating subsidies to the Baltimore City Convention Center.

Special state taxpayers funding for the State’s Attorney’s Office in Baltimore city should be eliminated. Baltimore city is the only jurisdiction receiving this funding.

Are there specific taxes or fees that you would cut?

Relief on Property taxes is a top priority.

Eliminating the death tax - I have sponsored legislation for the past two years to so that families and farmers do not have to sell their homes to pay their taxes when their loved ones die

Eliminate the 2 percent tax on health insurance policies - health insurance should not be taxed

Energy Tax - the cost of energy is high enough, Marylanders do not need to be taxed on it. The energy tax was imposed on Marylander’s electric bills as a part of the Legislature’s 1999 Electric De-regulation debacle.

Do you support slot machines for Maryland? Why or why not?

Yes, I support slot machines at a limited number of racetracks in Maryland. Marylanders are taking their money out of state to spend on slot machines in other states. Our racing industry and the viability of farms in Maryland are at stake if they are not allowed to compete. Adults should be able to make adult decisions on how to spend their money. Gov. Ehrlich’s proposal for slot machines at 4 racetracks was a reasonable compromise.

Do you support giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants?

No. A driver’s license serves as a legal identification card. Issuing a driver’s license to an illegal immigrant is a huge security risk. Rewarding illegal immigrants who violate federal law will encourage more illegal immigration.

Do you support in-state tuition to illegal immigrants?

No. Rewarding illegal immigrants, who are violating federal law, with in-state tuition is unfair to immigrants who have waited to become legal immigrants and unfair to other U.S. citizens who happen to live across state lines. Marylanders are having a difficult time affording college for their children, why should illegal immigrants be subsidized by taxpayers to attend Maryland schools?

What is the biggest problem facing higher education and what would you do to solve it?

Cost and the inability to provide adequate graduates in areas required to satisfy workforce needs are the biggest problems facing higher education. Higher education must be more responsive to workforce needs and financial incentives should be placed where workforce needs exist. Higher education must use their facilities more efficiently to produce additional capacity for a growing enrollment and the non-traditional student.

Where would you get more money for the Transportation Trust Fund?

The Transportation Trust Fund must be funded by the users of the systems. I support the use of express toll lanes. I supported a constitutional amendment to ensure that the fund be used for transportation purposes only. I support public⁄private partnerships for building roads. I support raising the financial penalties for violators of our laws to go toward the Transportation Trust Fund.

What specific transportation projects do you see as priorities for the state?

The dualization of Md. Route 32 and major safety improvements to Md. Route 26 are my priorities. Adding an additional lane to I-70 in both directions between Marriottsville Road and Md. Route 29 is also a priority.

Should there be a dedicated funding source for Washington and Baltimore mass transit?

Yes, there should be a dedicated funding source for the Washington and Baltimore mass transit. First, fare box recovery rates must be adhered to under the current formula.

Would you re-regulate the electricity industry?

We don’t have enough information to make an informed decision. I certainly think that it needs to be considered. Unfortunately, a bill filed in the legislature last session to re-regulate the electric industry was never afforded a hearing. Consequently, we do not have adequate information so we can find out exactly the costs involved in re-regulating the industry. Re-regulating the industry is much more complicated than de-regulating. The de-regulation bill that passed in 1999 has been a huge failure.

Do you believe Maryland’s gun control laws are too strict, not strict enough or just right?

Too strict. There are too many laws on the books for law-abiding citizens. There is no correlation between the number of gun laws on the books and crime. We need to enforce the laws already on the books and penalize those who violate them. I supported Project Exile to keep habitual offenders off Maryland streets.

What is your position on abortion?

I respect the sanctity of life. Given that Maryland’s Constitution allows for women to have an abortion, I have put my efforts into educating women to ‘‘choose life”. I support parental notification for minors and an adequate waiting period prior to any abortion. I support informed consent which requires that a woman should be provided with adequate information at least 18 hours prior to abortion surgery. I voted to eliminate taxpayer funding of repeat abortions.

Should the Maryland constitution be changed to allow same-sex marriages?

No. I supported allowing the voters to decide on a constitutional amendment to prohibit same sex marriage in the State of Maryland.

Does the state need stricter controls to protect the environment?

We already have strict laws and regulations to protect the environment - they need to be enforced.

Does the county’s commission form of government still work? Should we adopt a charter government, or code home rule?

Yes, the county commissioner form of government still works. The form of government is only as good as those who are elected into office. Charter government and code home rule offer some efficiencies and accountability to the voters which should be discussed. I support representation by district and efforts that bring more local control and accountability to the electorate.

Which redistricting map did you prefer for Carroll County? Why?

I supported Option 2 which was formerly referred to as the ‘‘Charter Map”. This map was drawn as part of the charter efforts in 1992 and 1998. The map had been well vetted and had no controversy during both of those efforts. The map was actually included as part of the charter when voted on in both of those elections. Option 2 allowed for better representation throughout Carroll County and gave the large unincorporated areas of Freedom and Finksburg an additional representative to manage those areas.