Wednesday, April 18, 2007

No reason to fight ICC

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I can only scoff at the NIMBY who wrote the April 4 letter, ‘‘ICC, clean air don’t mix.” Yes there will be issues with the building of the highway, but those can all be repaired and dealt with during and after construction.

However, the letter writer states that ‘‘... our region cannot afford the pollution effects of yet another Outer Beltway, including the ICC segment.”

Let’s look at this in real terms. If I am at the Shady Grove Metro station and I want to drive north there are two options: I can take Interstate 370 to I-270 to I-495 to I-95. A drive of approximately 27 miles (ending at Route 198). All at highway speeds, or what passes for that on those roads; I can take surface streets (Shady Grove Road to Route 115 to Route 28 to Route 198). A drive of about 18 miles. All at slower, less efficient speeds.

Or, we can build the ICC, which is designed to provide a highway speed, 13-mile route. As far as I can see there is no comparison, or reason to fight this.

Jeff Poretsky, Silver Spring