Local man uses expertise on Lizzie Borden documentary
July 1, 2004
Joan McNeil
Special to the Gazette

Photo courtesy of John Consoli

Tomm Mauriello displays the dollhouses he uses in the University of Maryland crime lab to show students how to solve crimes.

North Laurel resident Tomm Mauriello wears many hats, among them are educator, author and Discovery Channel consultant on an upcoming Lizzie Borden documentary.

As a forensic consultant, he has often appeared on television and radio newscasts and has published two books.

He created his second book, "The Dollhouse Murders" when he used a teaching technique of showing his students how to solve crimes from finish to the beginning, using a dollhouse to set up the crime scenes.

He put six such scenes into a book, which was published in 2003 by Pi Press. In it, the investigator goes through each crime, step-by-step in great detail.

This endeavor lead Mauriello to the 'on camera' consultant role for a Discovery Channel documentary produced by Morningside Entertainment entitled "Unsolved Mystery: Lizzie Borden," to air in October.

"I have been asked to apply today's forensic science and technology to the 1892 double murders and come to some conclusions as to if Lizzie actually did kill her father and step- mother with an ax," Mauriello said . "Lizzie was acquitted at the time."

"I have traveled to Hollywood, Calif., and Fall River, Mass., where the Lizzie Borden murders took place, to examine evidence from the case and to use actors to re-enact the murders at the Borden home where the murders took place," Mauriello added.

Mauriello, a former policeman and criminal investigator for the state of Maryland, is doing the show with Tom Lang, who was one of the principal investigators of the O.J. Simpson case.

Employed with the Department of Defense, and recently on special assignment to the Department of Homeland Security, Mauriello teaches and manages the Crime Laboratory for the University of Maryland.

His first book, "Criminal Investigation Handbook-Strategy, Law and Science" published by LEXIS Publishing, is used as a guide by investigators, defense lawyers and prosecutors.

His other assignments have included working as a special agent, chief of staff, senior polygraph examiner, Congressional staff investigator for the U.S. Senate subcommittee of investigations and in the Office of Director of Crime and Narcotics.

He holds a bachelor degree in criminology from Suffolk University in Boston, and a master's degree of forensic sciences from George Washington University in the District.

Mauriello lives in High Ridge with his wife Laurie and children Scott, Leah and Katelyn.

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