Woman pleads guilty in stabbing death
Jan. 16, 2002
Meredith Hooker
Staff Writer

A Springfield, Va. woman who said she was having an affair with a Takoma Park man pleaded guilty Friday to stabbing and killing his pregnant live-in girlfriend.

on Friday.

The sentencing for Bianca T. Coleman, 22, is scheduled for April 8 before Judge Paul A. McGuckian. Under the terms of the plea agreement, Coleman faces a maximum possible sentence of 50 years in jail for the murder of Kennis Falconer, 26, of Takoma Park.

On Aug. 18, 2001, about 5 p.m., Takoma Park Police officers responded to an apartment on the tenth floor of a building at 7401 New Hampshire Ave., for a 911 emergency call made by Jason Smallwood, Falconer's fiancé.

Police officers entered the apartment and observed Falconer lying on the floor of the living room in the fetal position with numerous stab wounds. Falconer, who was seven months pregnant, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Detectives discovered a trail of blood going out of the victim's apartment and into a stairwell, indicating that the attacker may have been injured in the struggle. They also located two hair extensions on the floor of the apartment and in one of the elevators, according to police documents.

Investigators interviewed Smallwood, who revealed that he was seeing Coleman. Smallwood said Coleman would not leave him alone, according to court documents.

But Coleman told detectives that she was planning to ask Smallwood to marry her on New Year's Day and that Smallwood wanted to end his relationship with Falconer to date her, according to court documents

Smallwood told police that he had last seen Falconer alive at approximately 9 a.m., when he had left their apartment for work. He said he made several attempts to call Falconer from work but was unable to reach her. He also tried to call her at work but was told she had never showed up. He found her body when he returned home at 5 p.m.

Coleman received 10 stitches to her hand at Howard University Hospital about 6:30 p.m. that evening. Investigators located Coleman's car the next day at her home on Burning Forest Court in Springfield, Va., and observed what appeared to be blood in several places on the outside and inside of her 1993 Honda Accord. Detectives later observed Coleman driving the car with her right hand bandaged.

When interviewed by investigators, Coleman said she had been in Baltimore with her cousin during the day and had gotten into a fight, then attempted to climb a barbed wire fence to get away and cut her hand. Coleman told officers that she then drove her cousin to New Jersey and then drove back to her home in Springfield to take a shower and a nap. She was unable to specify the locations she had been at in both Baltimore and New Jersey.

Police recovered several items with suspected blood on them from Coleman's car, including a knife with a five-inch blade in a cosmetics bag, according to police reports. Through DNA testing, blood of both Falconer and Coleman was identified on some of the items recovered.