Most wanted
Dec. 5, 2001

Baltimore Birth Center

Damek Jolon Lazorchack, son of Kathleen and Lee Lazorchack, Clarksburg, Sept. 6

Shady Grove

Adventist Hospital

Samuel Clay Gotard, son of Melissa and Michael Gotard, Damascus, Oct. 28

Alessandra Simoes Onorati, daughter of Milva Simoes and Paolo Onorati, Rockville, Nov. 5

Fiona Clare Sheridan, daughter of Mary and Daniel Sheridan, Silver Spring, Nov. 5

Jackson Fraser Shipley, son of Jamie and Michael Shipley, Gaithersburg, Nov. 5

Colin Joseph Hammett, son of Melissa and Dennis Hammett, Poolesville, Nov. 6

Hayley Michelle McChesney, daughter of Amy and Sean McChesney, Damascus, Nov. 6

Chloe Luisa Murtaugh, daughter of Laurie and Peter Murtaugh, Damascus, Nov. 6

Sara Aerin Fields, daughter of Alison and Jason Fields, Gaithersburg, Nov. 7

Sean Allen MacDonald, son of Jennifer and Mark MacDonald, Damascus, Nov. 7

Christian Antonio Nelson, son of Claudia and Bruce Nelson, Gaithersburg, Nov. 7

Makayla Elizabeth LeMarr, daughter of Robin and Donald LeMarr Jr., Poolesville, Nov. 8

Yoselin Lisseth Diaz, daughter of Sandra and Jose Diaz, Silver Spring, Nov. 8

Allison Catherine Suttle, daughter of Stephanie and Scott Suttle, Potomac, Nov. 8

Isaac Luke Wang, son of Yuching Su and Rongfa Wang, North Potomac, Nov. 8

Kelly Xiaoyi Hui, daughter of Lin Sun and Aimin Hui, Rockville, Nov. 9

Christopher Michael Teter and Paul Alexander Teter, twin sons of Christine Forsman and Piotr Teter, Gaithersburg, Nov. 9

Katelynn Victoria Brusco, daughter of Michelle and Jon Brusco, Gaithersburg, Nov. 10

Brie Lynn Bush, daughter of Lisa and Curtis Bush, Germantown, Nov. 10

Edgar Daniel Villeda, son of Gladys and Edgar Villeda, Gaithersburg, Nov. 10

Nana Ama Ewusie, daughter of Isabella and John Ewusie, Montgomery Village, Nov. 10

Jazmyn Cierra Mitchell, daughter of Charisse Hamday and J.C. Mitchell, Gaithersburg, Nov. 10

Raymond Lyle Ash and Emma Evelyn Ash, twin son and daughter of Melissa and Darren Ash, Gaithersburg, Nov. 11

Jessica Lynn Rawlings, daughter of Virginia and Jessie Rawlings, Gaithersburg, Nov. 11

Simon Ravi Vellandurai, son of Diane and Baskaran Vellandurai, Germantown, Nov. 11

Joseph Antonio Pustis, son of Ana and Joseph Pustis, Olney, Nov. 12

Asad Ullah Siddiqui, son of Moghul Mobeen and Annar Siddiqui, Germantown, Nov. 12

Garrett Hunter Gordon, son of Dawn and Kevin Gordon, Potomac, Nov. 13

Carson Taylor O'Leary, daughter of Meredith and Timothy O'Leary, Germantown, Nov. 13

Joshua Wilfred Thomas, son of Lali and Wilfred Thomas, Gaithersburg, Nov. 13

Mollie Susan Howard, daughter of Gena and Garfield Howard III, Olney, Nov. 14

Victoria Lynn Murray, daughter of Valerie and Timothy Murray, Olney, Nov. 14

Colin Xavier Mullican, son of Cindy and Brett Mullican, Gaithersburg, Nov. 14

Charles Walker Pulfrey II, son of Sandy and Charles Pulfrey, Rockville, Nov. 14