Most wanted
Oct. 10, 2001


General Hospital

Hailey Noelle MacAnanny, daughter of Mac and Tammy MacAnanny, Aug. 15

Kevin Christopher Bruce, son of Laura and Joseph Bruce, Rockville, Aug. 28

Holy Cross Hospital

Timothy Matthew Furgeson, son of John A. and Jennifer Furgeson, Damascus, Sept. 14

Shady Grove

Adventist Hospital


Joshua Emmanuel Munoz, son of Susan and Juan Munoz, Germantown, Sept. 6

Claudine Angela Umali, daughter of Chona and Aries Umali, Germantown, Sept. 7

Alexander Matthew Davidson, son of Maria and Salvadore Davidson Jr., Germantown, Sept. 9

Chad Thomas Dyson, son of Amy and Peter Dyson, Rockville, Sept. 9

Gabriel Stephen Vidal, son of Michelle and Henry Vidal, Montgomery Village, Sept. 9

Juliana Fernandes Brannan, daughter of Vassola and James Brannan, Gaithersburg, Sept. 10

Abigail Paige Daly, daughter of Lisa and Frank Daly, Germantown, Sept. 10

Caroline Grace Dorr, daughter of Jeanne and Patrick Dorr, Damascus, Sept. 10

Craig Robert Mountjoy, son of Elizabeth Dillhoff and Craig Mountjoy, Wheaton, Sept. 10

Andrew James "A. J." Awe, son of Tracy and H. Cayce Awe, Rockville, Sept. 11

Juliana Bonilla, daughter of Maria and John Bonilla, North Potomac, Sept. 11

Natalia Maria DeAvillez Pereira, daughter of Suzana and Nuno Pereira, Rockville, Sept. 11

Kylie Irene Ryan, daughter of Holly and Greg Ryan, Damascus, Sept. 11

Robert Daniel Worrell, son of Carol and Larry Worrell Jr., Germantown, Sept. 11

Alanna Nicole Gladhill, daughter of Evelyn and John Gladhill Jr., Gaithersburg, Sept. 12

Mackenzie Leigh Rounds, daughter of Theresa and Richard Rounds, Olney, Sept. 12

Connor Joseph Stonestreet, son of Michelle and Curtis Stonestreet, Germantown, Sept. 12

Regan Olivia Wirtz, daughter of Amy and Phillip Wirtz, Silver Spring, Sept. 12

Alexa Baldwin Folk, daughter of Betsy and Alex Folk, Rockville, Sept. 13

Hannah Ann Hartness, daughter of Kimberly and Christopher Hartness, Montgomery Village, Sept. 13

Harriet Rachel McCloskey, daughter of Sandra and Mark McCloskey, Germantown, Sept. 13

Kelvin Alexander Green, son of Tiffany Donovan and Anthony Green, Germantown, Sept. 14

Ashley Lynn Hinerman, daughter of Staci and Kenneth Hinerman III, Olney, Sept. 14

Alexus Destiny Johnson, daughter of Dawn Modine and Reginald Johnson, Germantown, Sept. 14